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Benefits of Plants

Do plants in offices have any advantages to health?  There is a series of studies, which prove the psychological and physiological improvement of the employees, which can be directly traced back to the presence of plants.  A recent study carried out and presented at the “Indoor Air Conference 99”, proved that indoor plants positively affect the health and comfort of the office employees.  The advantages for health can result from a combination of:  1. the increase of general well being due to the presence of plants.  2. the creation of a nature like environment.  3. the effect of care shown by the employer towards his employees.  4. the improvement of air quality and humidity through plants. Indoor plants help to improve the quality of life indoors in many different ways, what are they?


  • They reduce the harmful substances in the indoor air, for example volatile organic compounds (VOC’s); they support the stabilisation of the relative humidity and also support the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange (O²/CO²).

  • They are cheaper in use when compared to powerful air filter systems.

  • They offer flexibility in the selection of their location and, if necessary, can be moved or relocated.

  • They are environmentally friendly.

  • They offer aesthetic stimulants to people in the rooms.

  • They do not cause acoustic problems.

  • They do not interfere with ventilation systems that are already installed.

  • If cared for professionally, they will keep up high results on relatively low maintenance costs.

  • They offer flexibility in their regular care, this means that the maintenance intervals are not of such high importance.

  • They help to create a balanced working climate and thereby support good motivation.

  • They can be used as attractive and splendid room dividers in open plan offices.

  • They offer the opportunity to discretely solve an environmental problem.

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