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Indoor Plant Hire

Plants offer the most economical solution for a company wishing to improve indoor air quality and the work environment.

We have installed over 30,000 plants in major tenancies and are fully aware of the need to forward order, grow-on reserved stock and select plant species that optimize the ambiance in our Client’s premises.  Our suppliers are fully accredited long-term growers with the most impeccable reputation for growing shade acclimatised and disease free plants.

Maintenance & Replacement
  • We provide Clients with a Horticultural Maintenance Plan covering the on-going servicing/maintenance and/or replacement of plants when required.


  • We use battery operated mobile water machines to service plants which reduces water quantity and spillages during the maintenance service.


  • We only use environmentally friendly insecticides and only products with approved MSDS.


  • We promote and generally utilise plant life that has long-term life expectancy in indoor situations thus reducing overall numbers over time.


  • In garden-wall installations, we use a reticulated water system to water plants and recycle the water via a filtered water tank.


  • All plant species installed are selected on their ability not only to survive in low light indoor situations, but also for their ability to remove toxins from the ambient air.

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